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Dual channel RAM module placement in banks

By mkoskenk ·
I've encountered a situation where computer with 8Gb RAM installed could only use 4Gb of it. BIOS recognized 4Gb of it and Windows told that there is 8Gb installed of which 4Gb is usable and the rest is "Hardware reserved".

After some browsing through forums, I found an advice to swap the modules around in memory slots until full amount is recognized. Believe it or not, this actually worked. After some more digging I found a claim that the memory modules would be configured to work either on bank 0 or bank 1 on dual channel. I know that the modules are most of the time quite finicky about being installed in to the same bank if purchased as e.g. 4Gb kit of 2x2Gb modules, but is it actually true that the modules would be configured to work only on either channel? I couldn't find a confirmation for this theory.

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Repost as 'Q&A'

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dual channel RAM module p ...

Try reposting this in the 'Q&A' forum. The 'Discussion' forum is for matters of general discussion, not specific problems in search of a solution. The 'Water Cooler' is for non-technical discussions. You can submit a question to 'Q&A' here:


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Not really sure how that could work If BIOS could only see 4 GIG I'm at a loss how Windows could see 8 Gig and more importantly unless it was a 64 Bit System how it could use anymore than somewhere around the 3.25 GIG upper Limit of every 32 Bit System though the 32 Bit Vista Systems and I suppose 7 OS lie tot he user about what is available.

Also more than a bit of a loss how you would have fitted the RAM into Bank 0 or 1 and have it work in Dual Chanel Mode but this I would say depends on the M'Board in use in this particular occasion. With Normal Dual Chanel M'Boards you have Paired Sockets which are generally colour coded so you place the RAM into the Yellow or whatever colour RAM Socket that is fitted and leave the other which is generally Black unpopulated. In Theory you could fit the RAM into both Black Sockets and leave the Coloured Sockets unpopulated and it would work in Dual Chanel Mode though depending on the MBOARD and the Chip Set involved this may not work in a lot of cases.

As for swapping the RAM from Socket 2 to 0 and from Socket 0 to 2 all that should do is clean the contact Points in the RAM Sockets and on the Modules which may allow the RAM to work properly when they are refitted. But it would be just as possible that removing and refitting the RAM Modules into the same Sockets would have the same effect.


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Post moved to Q&A

by mkoskenk In reply to Repost as 'Q&A'

Thanks for your answer Col. I have moved the topic to the Q&A section. I was actually pondering which of these forums would be more suitable... Anyway, I took the initiative to copy your reply to the other thread and this thread can now be removed.

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