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    Dual core – only one running


    by steve2 ·

    I bought my Vaio laptops a few months ago, each with a Centrino Dup processor. I just recently looked at the performance monitor and only one core is running. Did I miss a setting somewhere??


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      by steve2 ·

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      Maybe but then again Maybe not

      by oh smeg ·

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      It really depends on the OS being used and since you failed to list that your question is impossible to answer.


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        OS shouldn’t matter – much….

        by steve2 ·

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        Thanks for the reply.

        I have two laptops of the same model (Sony Vaio PCG-6 series), one running XP-Pro and the other running Vista Business. Both are supposed to support multi processors.

        Since the post, I ran CPU-Z.exe and it reports that the processor has two CPU cores. But in the performance section it was only reporting on one core.

        I usually build all my own PCs from components, but that’s not an option in laptops. This is my first experience with dual core or multiprocessors.

        Could there be a setting in the BIOS (Phoenix) to enable the second core?


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          While correct with your statement that OS shouldn’t matter much

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to OS shouldn’t matter – much….

          That is only because both named OS actually support Dual or Multi Core Processors.

          XP Pro with a Dual Core CPU should give 2 CPU Scales to show usage when you bring up the Task Manager at least it does on this computer and every other one that I’ve ever built including NB’s. And while true that I can not change Video Cards on a M’Board I do not see any difference between a [i]All In One M’Board[/i] and a NB so if you are looking at the first as a valid option a NB Chassis with a Fitted M’Board and it’s own Video RAM shouldn’t be much of an issue. The problem will only come about when you try to change things that are not possible to change because the thing was designed that way.

          Anyway if you are only seeing 1 CPU in the Task Manager the OS isn’t installed properly particularly the Vista One which has all the versions of Vista on the 1 DVD and activates the parts that you buy when you enter the Product Key.

          The only time that I’ve ever seen this happen with XP has been with Repair Disc’s which are supposed to be XP Pro but I sometimes wonder if you are actually getting what you really expect or are getting the functional products of the higher version of Windows running on the cheaper XP Home or MCE Versions.


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