Dual Display Question

By rim73creatives ·

I have Radeon 7000 Series Dual Display Card, and Win XP SP2 System, i have a dashboard which is displaying the progress chart on one monitor and one with usual display for doing the daily work. My Question is, i want my dashboard continiously displaying my dashboard even if i logout of my PC , is it possible by any software or tool which display my dashboard even after logining out.

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Not possible after you logout

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Dual Display Question

because the dual display driver kicks in after you login

it's a combination of both software and hardware that does this, but is more controlled by the software drivers for the video card

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dual display

by pritchard.bryant In reply to Dual Display Question

dude if you log off that means that your user account is actually closed so and since the dashboard is running in your profile don't see how that would be possible....

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Go. Eat brains.

by NexS In reply to dual display

I'll be waiting with the sawn-off.

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