Dual displays on a single computer - how to?

By Goldenbarstewart ·
A client has asked about being able to edit two documents at the same time in Word. I know that two documents can be opened and arranged horizontally or vertically, but the resolution suffers in each (if viewed vertically), or if zoomed, only part of the document can be seen. I'm wondering if a 24" monitor would help, or would dual displays be superior - which I'm leaning towards. What do I need to set up dual displays - is this a software or hardware issue, or both?

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Dual displays

by arghyadas In reply to Dual displays on a single ...

I think dual display will solve your problem. You need to install a dual display card on the PC. It is a hardware device availabe for both PCI and Display card slot. The software for that device is bundled with the pack. It provides you two display output, where you can add two monitors. And you can work on both dispalys as mentioned by your client.


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Nonsense - are you being deliberately misleading ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Dual displays

It's not special hardware at all.

It's simply just about every Graphics Card currently on the market - assuming the User doesn't already have one!

Nor is there any 'bundled software' - it's just a standard graphics driver for whichever graphics card is fitted.

If you are going to advise someone, at least have the decency to be accurate. All you have done is spin a web of deceit, then leave the OP hanging by not actually specifying what this 'special hardware/bundled software' package is actually called. That being because this imaginary hardware doesn't exist!

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Not so fast

by mjpfaffe In reply to Nonsense - are you being ...

Don't be so quick to accuse someone of "spinning a web of deceit". The question didn't give the specs of the machine in question so I think the answer-er was simply trying to cover all the bases. IF the machine does not have a video card with dual outputs, they would need to upgrade that hardware component. and most video cards come with software to help the average user set-up dual displays (i.e. - NVIDIA Control panel, or ATI Catalyst control). I have a feeling this was what they were referring to.

That being said, most PCs these days do have an adequate video card to handle dual displays and there is no software requirement to set it up.

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Maybe so - but I'm known for being a bit gruff even when happy ..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Not so fast

I felt it was a rather vague statement that this was "..a hardware device availabe for both PCI and Display card slot.." together with "software for that device is bundled with the pack".

Why not just say - GRAPHICS CARD.

If you knew little or nothing about computers which would you rather be told?

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but but but

by shasca In reply to Maybe so - but I'm known ...

who got the thumby.

sorry couldn't stop myself. I really reaaally tried to too.

Edited---cause I am emoticon challenged

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I've been trying to IGNORE THAT !!!!!!!!!!! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to but but but

Cheers for that.

But, as Basil Fawlty once said:

"People like that are never happy - short of putting straw in their rooms!"

It was either a mistake or that bloke is the first in over 2 years to deliberately and very efficiently SLUR me.

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Any 22"/24" widescreen monitor will suffice for normal requirements ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Dual displays on a single ...

With a 22" or a 24" monitor you can have two documents open side-by-side and they will both be scaled to 1:1 with A4 paper dimensions quite adequately.

Should the User wish to follow the dual monitor route instead (perhaps to open FOUR documents simultaneously) - if the workstation has onboard graphics it will be necessary to fit a graphics card that is equipped with twin monitor outputs.

Most current graphics cards have this capability and the practice is quite common.

NO SPECIAL HARDWARE or SOFTWARE is necessary - just regular everyday components. :)

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One you have the graphics card....

by Slayer_ In reply to Any 22"/24" widescreen mo ...

We shall need to know if You using XP or Vista before we can give you instructions on how to set up the second monitor.

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OS: XP-SP3-32,VistaSP2-32,Win7 in 'dual' boot config

by Goldenbarstewart In reply to One you have the graphics ...

This computer is running 3 OS, all updated, in a 'dual' (is this the correct terminology when running three OS?) boot config - the video card has a DVI output as well as a VGA output. Maybe I'm closer than I think!!

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Then - all you need is a 2nd monitor ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to OS: XP-SP3-32,VistaSP2-32 ...

Together with a 2nd VGA cable to supply video to the second monitor.

Now it gets ever so slightly tricky. Having THREE operating systems all capable of booting you'll have to educate each one individually, on how to drive the twin monitors.

In each case you have to find the DISPLAY function within Control Panel. Click on 'Change Display Settings' and you'll be presented with a window showing 2 monitors with numbers in their screens (1 & 2).

At this point you have three options:

#1 Spread the Desktop across both monitors
#2 Clone the same image onto both monitors
#3 Have separate displays, one for each monitor.

Since your User will be wanting to open 2 documents within the same instance of Word, you would want to select Option #1.

Be aware - whichever monitor is designated as Monitor Number ONE, is the only monitor that will come alive during the initial boot of the system. Monitor Number TWO will not 'come alive' until the boot sequence reaches the Desktop.

Consequently, were it ever to happen that after shutdown Monitor Number ONE were to become diconnected from the unit, any boot would result in a black screen. The system must have Monitor Number ONE in order to boot.

Apart from that it's a dawdle.

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