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we have a t1. this is for our internet and phones. we also have clear just for the internet. the problem is that if i change our gateway to the clear modem, we lose outlook connectivity. i have to manually assign an ip address and put in the server dns and use the tl gateway.. any suggestions as to getting both to work at the same time

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by Churdoo In reply to dual gateways

You need to provide the proper ROUTE so that traffic that you want to go across the T1 does so, and the internet traffic goes through the clear circuit. The best place to do this would be in the device that will be the network's default gateway so that you don't have to execute a properly formatted ROUTE ADD -P statement at each workstation.

Let's say for example that you'll use the T1 router as your network default gateway; within that router config, you'll want to change its ROUTE MASK to the IP of the Clear device. This will route internet bound traffic to the clear modem/device.

To use the Clear device as your network default gateway, you'll have to add a ROUTE or routes for the networks serviced by the T1 to the IP of the T1 router.

If you have access to the above configs, then which you use as the default gateway will depend on several factors including on device capabilities, performance, load balancing, etc.

Otherwise, if you can't config either of the routers appropriately, then at the workstation you'll have to set the Clear device as the default gateway, but enter a proper ROUTE ADD -P command at EACH workstation to send T1 bound traffic to the T1 router IP. (See "ROUTE /?" from the CMD prompt of a windows workstation).

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