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Dual ISP, inbound redundancy. No BGP?

By aaratt ·
I have two ISPs connected to our network. Each with a T-1 connected to a separate router. Each router then is pointed to a separate web server, which gives us server redundancy. I have an online ordering system that requires inbound access to eitherone of our web servers. Presently, ordering customers access the first website, then if it is down they go to the second website. This gives us inbound redundancy but I would like to make the process transparent to the customer. I would like to configure our connection to fail over to the second router if the 1st ISP goes down.

It seems that if you could do 2 DNS A-records with different path cost, it would work, but I don?t think you can have two A-records. BGP is an option but seems to bethe most cumbersome way to handle this, but maybe the only way. I have also been suggested a possible round robin DNS solution, or Radware?s LinkProof box.

Any suggestions on how to best to handle this inbound redundancy setup would be greatly appreciated.


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not an easy one...

by DukeBytes In reply to Dual ISP, inbound redunda ...

Might want to think about it this way...

Setup both routers the same with a wic for each T1 line into each router. Run both lines to each router. Setup BGP. and then setup HSRP between the two of them. One dies the 2nd router takes over... Have two lines etherchanneled from each server into the switche. And setup IP load balancing between the servers. Almost complete redundancy. The only other thing that you could do is a Vlan and add another switch.

It will be harder to do it thisway - but about the only way you will get the redundancy.

If you do round robin and one site goes down - that down site will be hit every other time. This would even be the case if you try to seperate it the whole way thru...

The best way to see what I am suggesting is do a white board on it and diagram it out.

Good luck,

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HSRP for incoming and outgoing traffic

by aaratt In reply to not an easy one...

Thanks for the suggestions. I will diagram this option out and do somemore research on it.

I was thinking that HSRP would be benificial but wasn't sure if you could use it on the incoming traffic like you can on th outgoing traffic.

Good suggestion. Duke doesn't Byte!

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