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Dual Monitor

By kulastone ·
My brother went and changed the settings under Display Properties and made my video card act like there is a dual monitor and i only have a ONE monitor.. now my screen is black and all programs open in "the other screen".. anyway of undoing this?

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by faradhi In reply to Dual Monitor

If it is a laptop then there should be a function key(FN key that usually has Blue letters)- F key (F4 & F8 are the most common it think) combination that will toggle the mutliple monitors. Look for the F key that has in blue writing crt/lcd.

I hope this helps

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by jon In reply to Dual Monitor

If that doesn't work, boot your computer with F8 into VGA mode and adjust the primary monitor in the display settings back to the correct monitor.

This happened to a client last week and I had to reinstall the driver and it solved the problem.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dual Monitor

This can be a problem but as the changes have been set you'll most likely be able to undo them. If the display Box had of been moved to the second screen it would have returned to a single screen so you wouldn't be seeing this now.

Go to a blank Desktop and right click somewhere that is not being used by anything scroll down to proprieties and the click on Display Settings there should be a box there that says something like Stretch me Desktop to both screens untick this and click on apply. The screen will momentarily go blank and the come back up with a timer running for you to OK the changes if you don't accept the changes the system will go back to what it was and if you do accept the changes the system will stay that way. After you have done this you may need to resize the monitor and maybe reset the refresh rates but it should be an easy operation once you have got to this stage.


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by wescrock In reply to Dual Monitor

You could always do one of two things....

Hook up a second monitor temporarily (like... a friends monitor... or if you have a spare somewhere...) and then change the setting back and set the primary monitor and all that...


Buy a second monitor and reap the benefits....

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by Quaint_Data In reply to Dual Monitor

What is the name of the video card?
r/click the desktop properties settings advanced the "video card name" Nvidia or ATI which ever,a small sidebar should pop out
look in the nview display settings and dis-able the dual or clone modes. and make it single display.
When you first r/click the desktop properties settings do you see 2 monitors?
1 and 2? You have to switch these. below the display of these 2monitors see a small window there is two monitors listed here, the first should be 1 plug n play monitor on video card name
and 2 default monitor on video card name.

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a much easier fix

by kayle.lawrence In reply to Dual Monitor

I realize this is an old post, but no one ever posted the easiest answer and I've run into several people that have the same question at work (we run a mixture of single and dual monitors, so when we move machines....)

Right-click on the "desktop" of the monitor that is black (i.e. - your cursor is not visible on the monitor that does work).

Press R - this opens the property box for desktop settings.

Alt-Spacebar to expose the window menu for that property box.

Press M (for move)

Hold down your right or left arrow keys which will move the property box either onto/closer to the screen you can see, or it will move it further from the screen you see. Count how many seconds you are holding it down. If it doesn't appear within about 10 to 15 seconds, you're moving it the wrong way. Hold down the opposite arrow key for about 20 to 30 seconds and it should appear on the screen you can work with.

Change the setting as desired.

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