Dual monitor set-up for Compaq Presario, what video card?

By bxptone ·
Hi thanks for taking time to answer my question. I desperately need to set up my compaq presario for dual monitors for trading purposes. Just curious what type of card should I purchase? Should it be PCI slot or AGP. I just need the bare minimum type of card.

Currently looking at a PCI Radeaon 700 64 DDR dual monitor video card that has, 2 VGA slots. Would this be ok? Will I be allowed to have different screens on different mopitors with this card? Thanks for any help!

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Well it really depends on what you have to plug into

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dual monitor set-up for C ...

While an AGP card would be better if you have an AGP slot it will be no good if you have a PCI Express socket to plug into.

But in answer to your question any Video card with 2 Video outputs can or will display different pictures on the different monitors connected to the Video card, this is called an Extended Desktop and is fairly easy to setup though you may have to decide which is the primary monitor and where you want the secondary monitor to appear.


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Thanks for the reply.

by bxptone In reply to Well it really depends on ...

Thanks for your reply, got this comp. over a year ago, when I do a system check, it says I have a radeon xpress 200 series. So I will assume, which I hate to do lol, that I have an express socket? Therefore I'm guessing I should go with the PCI card. Like I said I just need the basics.

I will open my comp tomorrow and take a look inside, been a while since I did anything PC hardware related, so not exactly sure how to identify the difference between a PCI and AGP slot. I'll check online to see if I can find out, unless someone here can be kind enough to point it out to me.

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Just one point here a PCI & PCI Express are totally different cards

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks for the reply.

And are not interchangeable so you'll really need to look at the M'Board Makers Web Site to see what their M'Board comes with.

With the current generation of Video Cards you only need to 2 outputs which can be SVGA or a SVGA and a DVI and you can use a DVI to SVGA converter to connect up the second monitor.


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