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dual monitor support

By bob ·
With setting up dual monitor support, do both monitors have to be connected by the same interface.
My video card is an upper end card with 256 megs of DDR. It has two ports. One is VGA,and the other is DVI-D.
Is it possible to take two monitors, exactly alike, both with dual input connectors (one VGA, the other DVI) and use them as dual monitors by connecting one to the VGA and the other to the DVI of my card?
Or, must they both be either VGA or DVI?

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by jschein In reply to dual monitor support

no, they can be whatever....

There are adapters to convert the DVI to a vga input and vice versa.

As long as you have 2 different monitors, and a card that supports dual monitors, they will work just fine.

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by bob In reply to
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by TheChas In reply to dual monitor support

The primary question is does your card support dual monitors?

Many cards with both VGA and DVI connectors simply support either style of connection. If you connect 2 (very similar) monitors to one of these cards, you will, at best, have the exact same image on both monitors. Unless, the card requires a configuration to enable one port or the other, then, you have your choice of 1 connection.
If the monitors are different enough, only one monitor will display a viewable image, as the refresh rate will not be correct.

If you are looking to slit the image across multiple monitors, or have different images on each monitor you need to have a graphics setup that has individual graphics processors for each output.

Normally, this means 2 graphics cards.
If it does turn out that you need a second graphics card, I recommend that you get one that uses the same manufactures graphic chip. You avoid conflicts and issues if bath cards have the same brand of GPU. I assume that your card has either an ATI or Nvidia chip on it.

Previously, you had asked about fire-wire internal connections. ALL of the fire-wire cards that I have looked at use a standard fire-wire connector for the internal connection. Are you sure that your case has a fire-wire port connected to the single wires?
The single wires may be for USB ports, and you may need a cable to go between the fire-wire card and the front panel fire-wire connector.


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by bob In reply to

The card does support dual monitors. I believe that you had some answers for me when I was investigating it's purchase.

About the firewire. Yes, the case's firewire port is fed by 6 individual wires, each with different markings, and all with a single pin connector at the end.
I looked at your last answer to the question, about tracing the circuitry, and I believe that that is actually going to be the answer. It's easy enough on the card to follow the trail from each pin to the part of the port that it connects. The card also has external ports. If I can remove the face plate from the case (haven't tried Yet) and it is as easy to read which wire goes to what part of the port, I can put two and two together and possibly make this port work.
This leaves only one question: If at first I don't succeed in placing the wires in the correct order, will it harm the card?
Chas, I appreciate all your help, especially your persistance to unanswered questions. If you have anything to add, please feel free to contact me via the email I am registered here with.
Thanks again

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by bob In reply to dual monitor support

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