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Dual Monitors

By BELLA101 ·
My company is working with softwar that the company recommends working with dual monitors. I have never worked with them. Does anyone have suggetions,comments or recommendations?

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by n.u.r.v. In reply to Dual Monitors

I have had the chance of workn with dual monitors..its quite psychologically challenging at the begining but gets cool ..

you first need a dual vga card(nvidia 3dforc2 mx-twin agp).. the card has drivers, configiured the right way splits the display on to the monitors.

pivot software by portrait displays does a good job by also aiding image rotation and stuff like that.

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Just make sure...

by klatoo In reply to DUAL MONITORS

To minimize you configuration headaches make sure the monitors are set to the same refresh, same resolution, same color depth and are of the same size (works best if they are the same make and model)

I've used two in the past for things like AutoCad and it rocks, being able to be in full screen and have both up without having to <alt><tab> is great.

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Thanks for the tip

by BELLA101 In reply to Just make sure...

Thanks for the tip! Do you recommend a video card?
My company is going to use 1 regular monitor and a flat screen, due to space issues.
How can I make that work?
Again thanks,

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by cfaasen In reply to DUAL MONITORS

Suggest 2 Video Cards. I being AGP and the second PCI. Can use one card NVIdia GE Force 440. But you will need one Digital (DVI) and one Analogue (VGA)Monitor. It is easier to configure seperate cards than one card. Drivers are a problem with Windows 2000 and XP. Make sure you use the latest drivers from OEM.

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