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dual monitors and a single VDU input. Can i have sepearte settings????

By mckevitt ·
I have several PC's each with just one VDU input on them. Therefore i have used a splitter so that i can have dual monitors. The only issue I am having is that the Monitors keep switching sides randomly. For example i could boot the pc up one day and the monitors are in the correct position. But when i re-boot on another day they decide to switch sides. I can go into the settings and switch the monitors back but this becomes extremely frustrating.

I know that if a PC has two VDU inputs it is possible to set one as the primary and the other as the secondary. But can this be done when using a splitter?

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Depends on the Splitter used

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to dual monitors and a singl ...

But generally speaking no it can not be set.

However if the splitter supports that it can be. Most Splitters do not however support that option.


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