Dual Networks, 2 NICs, and a firewall

By fundamentalistviking ·
I have a web server running Windows 2003 server that I want on two networks, an internal LAN and an external T1 circuit. It works as long as I don?t have a firewall on the T1, but as soon as I connect the T1 to the firewall and NIC 2 to the Cisco firewall I lose the internal LAN connection (NIC 1), the external works fine. I need to know if I am looking over the obvious or what.

Additional info:

NIC1 (connected to the internal LAN) (IP addresses are not valid just show as example)

NIC2 (Connected to the firewall / T1) (IP addresses are not valid just show as example)
GW: (Firewall port)

Server is part of a workgroup and not the Domain.

It works with both networks when I remove the firewall out of the circuit.

I have DNS setup with three entries TEST1 IP address is the internal IP address and TEST2 is the external IP address and of course the alias pointing to TEST2.
The firewall routes the anything coming in on the external IP address to the NIC2 IP address. This works even though the internal connection quits working when the firewall is connected.

So my question is what am I over looking?


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Multiple default gateways and Dead Gateway Detection

by robo_dev In reply to Dual Networks, 2 NICs, an ...

when you connect to the firewall,windows 2003 dead gateway detection jumps in and kills the real dead gateway?

since the Windows Box is a router, are you creating a routing loop?

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