Dual Nic card setup in winXP for video

By hugo.martinez ·
I have a computer with two nic cards on it. One is on the network and the other I have connected to a DVR. The one on the company network gets an IP address via DHCP and the other nic I gave it a static IP. I need to be able to connect to the DVR going through the PCs network connection. Please advice how to do this without actually using MSTSC? thanks.


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what DVR

by StealthWiFi In reply to Dual Nic card setup in wi ...

What brand and model DVR not all DVR's allow this type of connection and functionality

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The DVR has a webserver on it

by hugo.martinez In reply to what DVR

But I don't want my users to access the DVR directly from the network. i want them to go to the PC and from the pc access the DVR interface, which has the DVR static IP address. The problem is, that only one user can MSTSC at the time. I want to have some type of shortcut on the users computer that when clicked will go to the PC and open the DVR interface sofware.

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Remote not physical?

by StealthWiFi In reply to The DVR has a webserver o ...

So you want direct physical access or remote access for this?

Seems like remote access since you mention MSTSC.

Install TightVNC on the XP box and setup as sidekick said. Users can click the link to TightVNC (or you can setup a bat file or shortuct with paramaters and such (part of TightVNC)) So they click on the icon and bam their connected to the DVR via the XP box. As many users as your bandwidth can handle are able to access at one time.


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My best guess...

by sidekick In reply to Dual Nic card setup in wi ...

Assuming the DVR has the functionality to access it (Taking into accoutn what StealthWiFi posted), I would try something like this. Set up the XP computer for routing (http://www.windowsnetworking.com/kbase/WindowsTips/WindowsXP/AdminTips/Network/UsingXPasarouter.html). You will need to set up the default gateway for the network to route traffic meant for the DVR to the LAN interface (the one presently using DHCP) on the XP computer. This means you will have to assign a static IP to this interface or a DHCP reservation so that it won't change. You will probably have to use the ROUTE command on the command line on the XP computer to forward packets destined for the DVR's IP address to the XP computer's NIC that it is connected to. I hope that makes sense.

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