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Dual NIC Card

By BiggieG ·
We have dual NIC's in a Windows 2000 server. We want to have them setup on the same segment. Once setup, certain programs (like our network monitoring tool, PcAnywhere) randomly get confused on which NIC to answer on. Our monitoring tool points to the primary NIC. It typically answers back on that NIC but sometimes tries to answer on the second NIC. The monitoring tool then thinks the server is down. The it just decides to start answering on the primary NIC. Is there a configuration change that can be made that will make each card independant and answer on requests sent to itself and not try to route the request out on the second card?

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by CG IT In reply to Dual NIC Card

what you have is a multihomed box and with that you have to bind the NICs to an IP address. Microsoft article # 181774 discusses multihomed [2 nics] on windows NT systems [as applies to windows 2000]. Here's an article that might relate to your problem. Microsoft technet article # 244268 Routing doesn't work when using multiple network adapter and obtain IP automatically.

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by BiggieG In reply to Dual NIC Card

What if the NIC's have static addresses configured on both and not obtaining automatically?

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