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    Dual NIC DNS Problem


    by super_it_mom ·

    I have a W2K3 file server that has two NICs. One is for the local network, and the other one acts as the gateway to our roadrunner modem. It has been working fine until yesterday when we lost our internet connection. It is not the cable modem. There is a DNS problem. I ran nslookup on this server and it showed that a RoadRunner server was the primary DNS server. It should have shown that the network PDC was the DNS server. What do I need to do to make it see the PDC for DNS? Why is it looking at the other one? I can ping the network NIC with no problems. It can see the network with no problems. It can get out to the internet, but no one else can because of the name resolution problem. I have a new NIC ordered, and will replace as soon as it arrives. I hope someone can help me quickly! Thank you!

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      by p.j.hutchison ·

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      DNS should be configured on the TCPIP properties of each card.
      In theory the card(s) should be pointing to your internal DNS server.
      Your DNS server should be configured to forward non-internal requires to your ISP’s DNS server
      to resolve external names.

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      Reply To: Dual NIC DNS Problem

      by curacao_dejavu ·

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      the local area nic, should have the only the entries(s) for the local dns server.

      the one of road runner should have the dns entrie(s) of you isp.

      the clients should have at the very least the primary dns entry pointing to your internal dns.

      what follows next is depending your configuraion.
      a: or the routing software should now that when a client asks for external dns request is should forward it to you isp’s dns (which is thus the ones configured on the other nic)
      b: configure the internal dns to forward external dns request to the internet directly.
      c: at the client add as the secondary dns entry , the dns of the isp. (while mantaining your internal dns server as the primary dns)


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      by super_it_mom ·

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