dual nics

By mmv0013 ·
I have 2 network cards in a 2003 web edition server with all the latest updates. Network card A is connected to my domain and works just fine. Network card B is connected to a T1 for an external website. The problem is that network card B doesn?t disconnect but packets stop transmitting and the website goes down. So I have been repairing the connection and then it works fine for 6 hours or so depends on the day. They both have static IPs. Any suggestion would be great.

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Default Gateway

by Churdoo In reply to dual nics

The first thing that comes to mind is, do you have a default gateway defined on each NIC? If so, remove the default gateway from the internal NIC so that only 1 default gateway remains on the external NIC.

If that's not the case, then post the settings, or event log messages.

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default geatway

by mmv0013 In reply to Default Gateway

they are different i will try and remove the internal one but the programers are doing an update to the program so i not be able to do that till this afternoon
thanks for the help

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DHCP renew failure

by Absolutely In reply to dual nics

From the symptoms, my first guess is that your IP address lease fails the first time some days, and on the second time some other days (6 or 12 hours).

"They both have static IPs."

Is card B connected to any hardware that might disagree?

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