dual nics with gaming computer rigs

By s_mcguire_1988 ·
hay guys, i have a question what i cant find the answer to.

what i would like to do is have my two gaming computers connect together so they can have a clean line between each other but also having both of them connected to the internet. the sole purpose for this is so the computers don?t interrupt what other goings on in the network and have the line to them self?s.

i know that i will need dual nics in the two computers and i will need cross over rj45 cable right?

can you tell me if im correct up to now and also what other configuration and setting up i will need to do.

any advice and guidance would be most appreciated

thank you, simon

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Simon says

by Churdoo In reply to dual nics with gaming com ...

Yeah that'll work.

Simply, you'll install the new NIC's and assign them static IP's in their own subnet. So if your LAN which routes to the internet is for example, you can assign your new private NIC's and 2.12 (assuming 24-bit subnet mask Don't put a gateway or DNS on the private NIC's

Next, to play your game and run the IP traffic through the private interface, you need to refer to each machine within the game, by their private IP.

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