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Dual P933 vs Single P 4

By RodSherer ·
Which would you put on top? Would you buy a dual P933 system over a single processor P4 (say the new 1.3 GHz P4)? Let's assume, for the sake of arguement, that all other things are equal other than the processors (and obviously the motherboard).

Other hardware would be:
256 Mb RAM
Soundblaster Platinum
All-In-Wonder Video 32M
CD-RW (10x-10x-24x ?)
48x CD-ROM
Adaptec SCSII card (4940?)
10-100 Netword Card
30G Western Digital HD 7200

Applications intended to run:

Dual boot: Windows 2000 Prof., Windows 98 2nd Edition
Development Utilities such as MS Development Suite.
3Dgames such as Quake and that genre.
Oracle8i and MS SQL Server.
MS OFfice.
Video Editing Software.
Audio Editing Software.
Web Development Software (most likely Frontpage 2000).
Image Editing and Animating Software.
Sun's JDK

So voice up! There is a broad range of software being run here. The benchmarks I have seen usually pit equal processors against each other, like an Athlon vs. a Pentium. But what are the opinions when it's dual with two slightly weaker processors vs the top of the line?

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I'd take the dual CPU

by kranky In reply to Dual P933 vs Single P 4

My pick would be the dual CPU setup. If you're only going to run one app at a time, then it's dependent on which apps are designed to use multiple processors like the databases. But I'd want the ability to do audio editing and/or image editing (which can run for a long time) while doing something else at the same time. In that scenario I think dual CPUs would be much better. The FP 2000, games, and Office won't benefit from 2 processors, I don't believe.

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by ab3_tek In reply to I'd take the dual CPU

The dual processor setup will have more sheer computing power(more transistors). Although all apps are not designed for dual processors the benefit of two greatly exceeds that of the one faster processor.

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Windows 98SE & W2K Pro

by ARG CIO In reply to Dual P933 vs Single P 4

Windows 98 SE doesn't support two processors, does it?

W2K Pro doesn't support the 3DGames in the best way, does it?

It depends on what your are going to be using the most..
Windows 98SE and the "non-dual processor" applications, or W2K Pro and the dual processor enabled applications. The dual processors will give you the processing advantage, big time. but can/will you utilize it? For me, it would be P4 1.5GHz, but I do a lot of gaming, and like Win98SE.. W2K Pro is a good OS, but for what I do, not enough advantages.. Good luck on your search.

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by RodSherer In reply to Windows 98SE & W2K Pro

Yes, I believe you are right about SE not utilizing the dual processors, but it will allow me to play the games.

On the other side, Pro does supposrt the dual processors, and will be used for development and video/audio editing.

In other words, I will have my play environment and my work environment on one computer, but will have to change the OS depending on what I intend to do at that moment.

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OK, How 'bout P3 vs Equiv Athlon?

by RodSherer In reply to Dual P933 vs Single P 4

The majority (all two of you) seem to be leaning towards dual processors, as I am. So let's through a wrench into the works. What do you think of equivelent Athlons in our dual system vs Pentiums. I lean toward the Pentiums myself. I would like to hear other opinions and reasonings though.

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Whoops! Sorry

by RodSherer In reply to OK, How 'bout P3 vs Equiv ...

I mean all three of you.

Sorry. Too early and I need to learn how to count. :)

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Dual Pentiums

by Blaine Moore In reply to OK, How 'bout P3 vs Equiv ...

I'd go with the dual pentiums, myself...I'm not ready to trust P4 yet, and have been very happy with the P3.

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Hm... How 'bout Celeron :)

by AstroMek In reply to OK, How 'bout P3 vs Equiv ...

I'm using a system with 2 Celeron2 600MHz cpu's...
Why celeron you might ask...
Their cheap!!!
And very friendly when you're "overclocking" cpus :)
With better fans...
I have my cpus running 900MHz each...
And that's really ok for me :)

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