Dual processors

By aof427 ·
Ok, so I'm wondering if dual processors give you twice the speed. Will it work twice fast, or only as fast as one of the processors.

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It's fairly obvious ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Dual processors

If you have a single processor running at 3GHz then the computer has a CPU with a 'speed' of 3GHz.

If you have a dual core processor running at 3GHz then the computer has 2 CPUs with a speed of 3GHz each.

It doesn't have a CPU with a speed of 6GHz.

Depending on how the code of the running program was written, the 2nd CPU will either be utilised or not utilised. Each core will still 'only' run at 3GHz.

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by JamesRL In reply to It's fairly obvious ...

There is some overhead associated with managing 2 processors and dividing up the work.

I've run benchmarks to show 3D gaming performance and in that environment, I get about 125-150% of the performance of one processor when I am running 2 instead of 1 (2 Xeon 3.2 GB with hyperthreading).

Dual core processors are more efficient since they aren't running the communication between the processors over the MB.


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Intel claim up to a 50% improvement

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dual processors

With a Dual Core CPU over a single core but this relies on the software being coded to take advantage of the second core.

Some applications may actually run slower on a Multi Core CPU than they would on a Single Core CPU. You also have to have the M'Board correctly configured so if it supports Dual Chanel RAM you need to have the correct RAM installed to have the M'Board running in Dual Chanel RAM Mode or Triple Chanel RAM Mode depending on what the M'Board supports.

This generally requires Identical and ideally Matched RAM to be installed in the required RAM Sockets so Dual Core requires 2 X Matched RAM installed in the correct RAM Sockets and Triple Chanel requires 3 X Matched RAM Sticks to be installed. If you do not do this the system will run slower than it was designed to because the FSB is slower.


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