Dual Prossesers help?

By fritzpud ·
Does a dual prosseser atualy help a computer work faster? Some supposedly credited person said that it dosent help and said i had to post this?

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Depends on the program code ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Dual Prossesers help?

If the running program has been written to make use of a 2nd processor then the computer will perform the current task with greater ease and as a result this could be considered to be faster.

Older software, written before dual core processors, won't make use of the additional core.

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If you multitask, it will help, otherwise only if the app is coded to do so

by Slayer_ In reply to Dual Prossesers help?

Many games these days take advantage of duel core, usually I've noticed for 3D loading screens, where some animation is playing while the game is loading. Assasins creed actually lets you run around with your full move set in a bleak universe with all the special visual effects, while loading the game. If you watch your CPU usage, you will see during loading it utilizes both cores, but during game play it only uses one.

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Depends entirely on the Hardware being used

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dual Prossesers help?

Being correctly configured to take advantage of more than 1 Core and the Software being Optimized for Multi Core Operation.

Some software may run slower on a Multi Core CPU and some may run faster. But again it depends here on the remainder of the Hardware.

If the M'Board is not configured to take maximum advantage of a Multi Core CPU it will not be as fast as it could be and will affect the performance. So other things like Dual or Triple Chanel RAM come into play here as well as the Coding Practices used by the Software developers.


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Multi-threaded applications

by Thmiuatga In reply to Dual Prossesers help?

It depends on the programs and applications you are running and if they run on a dual core CPU without jacking up the load. If an application is pushing the cpu load up high, it means it doesn't run well on more than one core so you must confine the process to one core which you can do. I actually use an application that allows me to confine any application running to one core.

I saw a film of one individual running several video processes on a quad core system. His CPU load was very high and I was thinking just how stupid this guy was. the application I use is Task Assign, and pretty much the main thing is to keep your CPU load low otherwise the system is going to run slower cause it's going to take longer to process data under a increased load. Apparently that guy running the video wasn't concerned about that.

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