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Dual Routers: Won't work with Wireless

By DPSkiman ·
I have a customer that I just setup a Linksys 54G Gateway router (connected to cable) with WIFI enabled on ch 6. Through a 100' extension cable, I have another router (Netgear MR814v2) ch 11 in their office. (wireless wouldn't transmit far enough without another router or AP in the office)
OK, I have the Netgear router setup to share the connection through the Linksys. Wired operation is fine. Wireless operation is dead, even though I can see the SSID. What might I be missing on the setup? It used to work, but I had to reset the Netgear to default so I could access it (someone else originally did this, left it unsecured) Suggestions?

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by alan In reply to Dual Routers: Won't work ...

here is what I did. I have 2 Linksys 54G.
Router 1 = SSID1 (No broadcast of SSID - security reasons) Internet router
Router 2 = SSID2 (No broadcast of SSID - security reasons). Tied the WAN port to Port 4 on Router 1. Assigned Static IP from router 1 DHCP scope (made reservation on router 1 so it doesent try to assign it) to the WAN Port on router 2. Note: Some routers have issues passing DHCP requests from wireless to some DHCP server other then itself. Enabled DHCP on router 2 with a different scope the router 1. Make sure you also don't have both routers wiht the address. I set mine up router 1 = router 2 =
Works for me.

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to Dual Routers: Won't work ...

One of your routers doesn't have a connection in the WAN port. Which is the one the wireless isn't working on. Either replace router with an access point or create another network so that you have a physical connection on the WAN port.

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