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    Dual XP OS on boot


    by j.runn ·

    I have a Dell Latitude D630. I am reimaging this laptop with the same OS as before. (XP Pro) I deleted all partions to have a fully unpartioned HD. After I installed Windows, during boot I have two Microsoft XP Professional OS choices. The first one works, which is the one I just installed. There is a second and obviously that one doesn’t work.

    How can I get rid of the second and have it boot normally?

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      by j.runn ·

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      Not too hard this one!

      by mikedyne ·

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      Simply open Control Panel > System > Advanced.

      Click “Settings” in the Startup and Recovery box.

      Now click “Edit” (there is only one edit button), and remove the entry to the missing OS. Click File and Save, close it and reboot!

      Alternatively, untick the box next to “Time to display list of OSs. Just make sure your OS is the default one first!

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