Duel sound cards

By vonhaase9 ·
I have Realtek sound on the motherboard and an Audiology sound card. How can I get headphones to work with one and speakers to work with the other simultaneously?

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Change your prefered devices

by Slayer_ In reply to Duel sound cards

Go to Audio device settings in control panel.

And change the preferred playback and recording devices.

I need to know what OS your running to give more detailed instructions.

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How many ears do you have ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Duel sound cards

It's just that most humans only have 2 ears.

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but what if I want to

by The Scummy One In reply to How many ears do you have ...

listen to TROLOV in one ear and iTunes in the other?
And just to throw it out there, add the television online in another (now I need another card), and oh no, also need the youtube items :0
Ok, how to manage 4 cards and 3 sets of speakers and 1 set of headphones properly -- please tell

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Mmm - Sonja Thompson set to music ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to but what if I want to

Which particular iTunes gem are you going to utilise for this fetishist item?

Or - are you going to download TROLOV then edit the music into the video, in the basement of Scumm Towers in the dead of night?

I might settle for Bachmann Turner Overdrive!

If you are as much of a tightwad as you are of a fetishist, you can stream BTO without spending any Scumm-notes.


Now that we've got your ears sorted out - what are you gonna do with your third eye? :^0

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Re: Dual sound cards

by LyleTaylor In reply to Duel sound cards

Do you want the same audio to go to both, or do you want one program going to the speakers and another going to the headphones? For example, do you have your speakers hooked up to the Audigy and your headphones hooked up to the onboard sound, and you simply want to be able to either plug your headphones in or turn on your speakers without having to switch the selected audio device in Windows?

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Duel sound cards

by vonhaase9 In reply to Re: Dual sound cards

I am running Vista 32, and yes that is exactly what I want. I have a volume control for the speakers and I want to turn them down and listen to headphones without having to go to the back of the computer, under the desk, and unplug the speakers and plug in the headphones.
I just want to listen to the same audio on both.

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Perhaps if you gave us the Specs of both ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Duel sound cards

Both the make/model of the Sound Card and the make/model of the Computer - we might be able to give a more detailed answer.

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I think what you need

by JamesRL In reply to Duel sound cards

is a Y cable, or a sound card with more than one output.

Check your Audigy, I know mine has more than one output so can handle speakers and headphones at the same time. The manuals are usually available online if you don't have one handy. Then you can use the volume on the speakers to turn it down and then listen to the headphones.

The other alternative - there are some speakers with a headphone jack in them - as soon as you plug headphones into them, it mutes the speakers and redirects output to the headphones.



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Small Mixer

by LyleTaylor In reply to Duel sound cards

I think the others are correct. I don't believe you can configure Windows to send the same audio to two different sound cards. It's possible that you could find a piece of software that looks to the system like an audio output device that lets you route audio to more than one real output device, but I'm not aware of one.

With that, you're best off looking for a solution that will let you plug your headphones and speakers both into your Audigy. If the Audigy supports that directly like one of the other posters suggested, then you should pretty much be set. In my case, I have multiple sound cards that I use for different purposes and hook them all up to a mixer that I then have my speakers and headphones hooked up to. If you wanted to take a route like that, you can get small mixers for pretty cheap. For example, Behrenger makes good mixers and their smaller ones are pretty affordable. There are many others as well that might work well for you.

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Not to mention a simple splitter

by Slayer_ In reply to Small Mixer

We used to use em all the time, a long time ago, turns one headphone jack into 2. Just stick that into your computer, plug speakers into one, and headphones into other.

The 2 dollar solution :).

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