Duff Motherboard?

By ghgooner ·
Hi there, i've just built a 2nd PC and like a fool i bought everything 2nd hand. No manuals, no warranty's, no gaurantees etc etc Anyway i've just assembled it and turned it on and ... Nada! Green light comes on the MB but no fans are spinning, no HD action, no Nothing! I know the PSU is working as i tried it in main PC. Motherboard is Asus A8V with 4 slots for memory and i have a 1gb Stick of ddr 3200?? ( Bear with me here as i'm reading most of this with poor sight and in a case with poor lighting!! ) I've heard of various issues from people relating to which slot memory goes in, maybe i need 2 sticks etc etc Also people have mentioned batteries for MB? Any ideas?? I've checked cables, thats about my limit i'm afraid!!

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OK the ASUS A8V Manual & Drivers are available here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Duff Motherboard?


If you look at the Manual you'll find that this M'Board has Dual Chanel Memory so you'll need 2 sticks of RAM in the correct Sockets and by the looks of the manual these should be the same make, model and size fitted to the Blue RAM Sockets. If you fit a different Make & Model but the same size you could have Timing Issues arise and cause system instability. You'll also need the same size & speed RAM in both Sockets for the M'Board to work properly. However if you want to run with only 1 stick of RAM you'll need to fit it to the B1 RAM Socket as shown in the manual on page 2-12. This shows you where the RAM should be fitted to work correctly in either Single or Dual Chanel configuration. It also appears that this M'Board will only support RAM up to 512 MEG so if you have a larger stick it will not work with this M'Board so for a start your RAM is incorrect for this M'Board and will not allow it to work correctly.

As you already have this unit assembled I would suggest you get the correct RAM download the Manual and Drivers for this M'Board for the OS that you are going to be using and then try again.

Remember that if you are installing Windows XP it doesn't come with every available driver and you need to have the Hardware Makers drivers available to make the system work correctly.

The proper locations for M'Board jumpers is on page 2-3 of the manual so you can check that you have the jumpers set correctly and the other thing to look at is the Front Panel Connectors which are located on page 2-28.

What I personally do when I'm working with Secondhand equipment that needs to be assembled I put everything necessary on the M'Board so that would be CPU/Heat Sink, RAM and Video Card and then place it on a non-conductive surface and power it up with a Keyboard mouse & monitor connected to make sure that it actually works. I don't even bother with LED's or Switches I just use a small metal screwdriver to short out the On Pins to see if it is going to start. Once I know it runs I set the BIOS to the Correct Date, Time & CPU/RAM and then shut down saving the changes to BIOS.

You can then pull out the Video Card and mount the M'Board into the case and then attach the leads and then proceed to run from there. If you find that it's not working when assembled you know that you've messed up something so you can look at what you have mounted since you originally started the unit and see what you have done wrong.

Just one note this M'Board has 2 Power connectors so make sure that you have the 20 Pin ATX and the 4 Pin Aux Power Leads connected.

I hope that is of some help.


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Sounds strange

by mjd420nova In reply to Duff Motherboard?

Something is holding the 12 volt supply from starting. No fan, no hard drive, that's 12 volts. A light on the mobo may mean some 5 volt but maybe not. The biggest fault I've seen is those dreaded insulating washers on the mobo. Some thing is shorting the PSU. Strip it down to just the mobo and see if the fans run. If still bad, check that mobo real good.

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