Dumb & Blonde

By sarahphysick ·
Hi, I have just had my computer reformatted and all my microsoft applications are no longer working. I believe I need a product key but the company I bought the lap top from said it was on a disc they gave me which I have lost!! Does anyone know how to get this??

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If you lost your disks

by Dumphrey In reply to Dumb & Blonde

and product keys, and have already formatted your HD, you are basically hosed. Your options are to re-purchase the software, or find an open source equivalent to replace it with.

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This doesn't make much sense

by tintoman In reply to Dumb & Blonde

First of all did you really format your hard drive and then realise you had no installation disk for windows???
I mean if you have reinstalled windows then you were prompted for a product key during the installation otherwise you would not have been able to continue.
If you saying that you are unable to reinstall other applications such as Microsft office it is extremely unlikely that you would have been given a disk for it when you bought the computer, therefore you must have acquired it seperately, in which case the product ID will be inside the cd case

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Go brunnette - at least that way you will ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Dumb & Blonde

Not 'look' so stupid. :)

Why did you reformat though ?

I agree with Tintoman, this doesn't make any sense.

The hair-do is a surefire winner though !

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old and goin gray

by The Scummy One In reply to Dumb & Blonde

Well, I have to assume here (yes, I know), that you are talking about Office. Because if you were talking about the OS, then 'all your MS apps' wouldnt matter if Windows would not reinstall.

best suggestion is to search long & hard for those cd's, or go to the store and purchase a new set. If they are truly lost, you may be outta luck.
However, if the app was registered by MS, you may be able to call and plea them for help. Out of the kindness of their hearts, the may actually be able to help. :^0 :^0

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they won't help

by jdclyde In reply to old and goin gray

if it were a case of just a lost activation code, they might if it were registered. From the sounds of it, the OP doesn't even have the media to do the install?

Sounds like an expensive lesson not to buy something as expensive as a laptop and then be stupid enough not to keep everything together.

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