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By charlie.mello ·
I?ll admit that I?m a neophyte when it comes to memory dump files, so I can only go p from here. So, I?ve read a few things about memory dump files, I know where they are and how to create then, but I?m really confused about how to read them. What I?m looking for is a kind of step by step process to be able to read .dmp files. Do I launch the downloadable debugger app from Microsoft to my local machine? Can I retrieve the memory.dmp file from the server and then do I run it on my local machine? These are all the things that it would seem that everyone else in the whole world knows but me. So I?m looking for a full education about how to read bump files from a server.

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How to read a Dump File

by BFilmFan In reply to dump files

Articles that will assist you in reading those dump files:

How to read the small memory dump files that Windows creates for debugging

Debugging Tools for Windows:

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Annoying Memory Dumps in XP!

by In reply to dump files

I was going crazy trying to figure out about memory dumps in WINDOWS XP likely thinking it was a virus, NOT...
The video driver by ATI was defective and this is the type of stuff these memory dumps try to find out....HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE incompatibility, so look in the internet search engines and type free computer education or the issue that you are having, chances are you will get enough information to fill your hard drive.

Best Regards
Jorge Lezcano

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