Duo Core 1@0-5% 2@100% processing

By Russell Gates ·
I just cleaned a spyware/malware loaded box. I noticed that the CPU processing was running about 3-5% on the first CPU but was running almost 100% on the second one. The box is clean. IE runs fine now. Downloads and functions regular except on boot it is slow at the welcome screen.
I did uninstall Norton per client request. and used the Norton uninstall tool behind it to make sure. No change.
Any suggestions?
Oh yeah, Dell XP home SP3 2gb RAM

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But what WAS the "almost 100%" being applied to ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Duo Core 1@0-5% 2@100% pr ...

Which processes were occupying all these clock cycles?

On the basis that you were running a 32-bit system, with only system processes running on it, what makes you think that the 2nd core would be utilised ??

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by Russell Gates In reply to But what WAS the "almost ...

Exactly! The first one was almost dormant. The second one was smoking itself like a college kid in a hookah bar!

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RE: The box is clean

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Duo Core 1@0-5% 2@100% pr ...

Doesn't sound that way to me but maybe it could be related to what software the owner installed.

What's on the Box and what is using the CPU from the Task Manager? Open the Task Manager click on the Processes tab and then click on the CPU Tab 3 times and see what is consuming the CPU. If you need to find out what a process is you can use Process Quick Link beta 2 available free here

If nothing else it will tell you what the Process/s are that are using the CPU but it doesn't sound clean to me just not infected with something that is doing more harm.

Also what is the Network Traffic like? The box could be sending all the Data Off Site to someone who isn't wanted. Unimportant things like the Owners Bank Account Details and other things like that.


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by Russell Gates In reply to RE: [i]The box is clean

Nothing in processes. I use another program called processviewer as well. It gives an in depth view with good tools. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.
The weird part about the box is the HD seemed hot when I was working early on. The heatsink was clogged(stupid Dell heatsink). After that it was all good temp wise.
The SATA drive passed onboard Dell diagnostic.
I'm not sure about the traffic. I'll double check in the morn.
Thanks for the link I'll check it out tomorrow. Looks promising.
Either I missed something or it could be a bad CPU? I'm not trusting the HD but I don't know what would make the 2nd CPU be utilized.

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Whats Running may be useful here too

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to reply

If you think that it's the CPU get a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD and through the Demon or whatever it is called CPU Test at the unit.

Lets know how you get on.


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I think I

by Russell Gates In reply to Whats Running may be usef ...

Have a copy at the shop? One of those that a friend gave me but never booted from. I use Hirens a lot but I don't think there is a CPU tester on it. Dell builds a suite of diagnostic utilities into the HD. It's to help reduce tech calls. Get the consumer to work for them!!
I'll let you know what I find. :)

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Ran additional test. Still cross eyed

by Russell Gates In reply to Duo Core 1@0-5% 2@100% pr ...

I didn't find a thing! Ran CPU test from Ultimate Boot CD. Looked at running processes and nothing out of the ordinary. The box is running quick enough. Web pages load quickly w/ no extra network traffic. The total CPU load is 50% +/-
I'm wondering if its some kind of load share by Dell. Use the second CPU for primary load? and the first CPU is prioritized for current processes?
Kinda blowing some smoke here I think:)Because the baseline should be 5-7% CPU.
It could be a mobo going bad? Extra voltage to the CPU socket? I dunno

I called it because the 14 hour rule is getting ready to take affect.
What is the 14 hr rule you ask? Whatever you think is going to take 1 hr to accomplish will take 14 hrs and you won't be any closer to the goal and you won't get paid for it either!

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Just a thought

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Ran additional test. Stil ...

Does the CPU get used to produce Video here?

It could be with On Board Video that one core is generating the Video. Just a thought.


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I stopped

by Russell Gates In reply to Just a thought

The video is a card and has a TV card. I'm gonna keep my mouth shut because it would raise to many questions and getting paid for the work done would probably go out the window. It may not be the most ethical but the computer is running to my expectations. It is slow to boot but after we're to the GUI its fine. Bad CPU or hot mobo I don't know. Cost of a new box is less than the 14 hr rule.

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