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    Duo vs Quad?


    by jmoran19 ·

    I’m pondering which processor to chose for my new build, and I’m lost as to whether I should chose the core 2 duo e8400 or spend $20 more on the core 2 quad q6600. My level of tech savvy basically tells me that A. 4 > 2, and B. you get what you pay for. So will I notice a difference between these two processors, or are they more or less similar? If there is a difference, is there a specific instance that I will lose performance if I go with the duo? Mainly I’m going to be using this machine for college programming projects (VB.NET, C#, that kind of thing) and maybe some light gaming.

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      by jmoran19 ·

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      And what type of OS do you want to use?

      by oh smeg ·

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      A Dual Core CPU is all that XP can support and even then it has to be XP Pro.

      Quad Cores can be supported by Vista well the higher versions at least as a Home Basic can not support all 4 cores.

      Then you need to look at the Software that you want to run is it optimized for HTT or Dual Cores most likely maybe but very unlikely to be Optimized for Quad Cores or what Intel Used to call the Pentium Extreme which was a Dual Core with HTT.

      Of course if you are looking at Linux that can handle 4 Cores easily but then if you want to move to a 64 Bit OS which all these CPU’s Support the AMD CPU are better because currently all the different Distro’s are optimized for the AMD Destruction Set and not so much the Intel 64 Bit Instruction Set.

      What I tell my customers is to buy the hardware that their Software works best with and forget about chasing the New Technology for the sake of having the newest.


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