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    duplex: 10mbit full vs. 100mbit half


    by tdcorbett ·

    Just wondering if anyone has any input as to what setting I’d see better performance with in a firewall application. We’re experiencing issues when running at 100mbit full, the network card in the firewall doesn’t play well with the switch its connected to at that speed. The question we have now, is which setting are we going to see better performance with, 10mbit full duplex, or 100mbit half duplex? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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      It’s a matter of factors, 100 is 10X10

      by lotus134 ·

      In reply to duplex: 10mbit full vs. 100mbit half

      The mere fact that the best a full duplex 10 Mbit effectively communicates at 20 Mbit, any version of 100 mbit comm you can get the hardware to respond to must be faster. If not, there is likely another reason for the delays like collisions or perhaps an older driver. Everything else being equal. Why doesn’t the firewall NIC driver play well with the network at 100 again? Cabling certified cat 5 or better? etc.

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