Duplicate Downloads in Vista

By len.piko ·
How can I stop downloads from going into more than one file in MY COMPUTER? In my list of files in My Computer I have: desktop,Bon & Don, Drive C: ect.
Under Drive C:/Users I have two separate files; one is Don and the other is Len. Everytime I download my pics from my camera or other data from the internet the downloaded files go into the Bon & Don,and also Don and Len files. I just want to keep the Bon & Don File, but when I try to delete the individual Don & Len files it also deletes whatever is in the Bon & Don File. How can delete the duplicated files in the Don and Len files without deleting the same files in the Bon & Don file? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Corrupt filesystem

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Duplicate Downloads in Vi ...

Sounds either you have folders pointing to the same location or some sort of folder corruption causing things to appear where they shouldn't.

Open a command prompt and run chkdsk C: to test file system.

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Or, it's a share...........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Duplicate Downloads in Vi ...

Like the previous post said, it could be a corrupt file system. But, I tend to think it's a circular share.

You said: "in MY COMPUTER? In my list of files in My Computer I have: desktop,Bon & Don, Drive C: ect.". To me, this indicates that you have a shared folder set up called "Bon & Don" which shows at the top level of My Computer and synchronization is turned on with the "Don" and "Len" folders. Did you drag those two folders into the shared folder? You didn't tell us what OS you're working with, so I don't know what your shared folder is called.

When you connect the camera, doesn't it give you a place to select where to download the files? Try, just one one, puttine the files into a NEW folder and see what happens.

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