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Duplicate E-mail - Exchange/Outlook 2003

By Aaron_Wurthmann ·
Yeah the question even sound funny.

I have a user sending a mail to a distribution list. When he does he receive two copies of the message.

I checked the logs and there is indeed two separate messages sent at the same time by him.
*puzzled look* yet only one message in the sent items.

Your thoughts?

Some more details:
User uses RPC over HTTPS.
The particular email was 2MB.
he says this is not the first time it has happened.
A trace of either message-ID doesn't show anything that jumps out at me. It in deed looks like he sent to seperage messages at the same time (minute).
He only has one copy of the mail in his sent items.
Exchang 2003 SP2, latest patches
Outlook latest patches and SP

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by robo_dev In reply to Duplicate E-mail - Exchan ...

Sending multiple email messages can be the result of Norton Anti-Virus and Outlook combined. Apparently when Norton scans outgoing emails it may send it out twice. The quick fix is to change the Norton properties to not scan outgoing messages, but you may want to consult the Symantec Knowledge Base about your software.

if the recipient is a local user, sometimes messages get routed so they get sent via the internal email path as well as the external smtp path. If you can visit the recipient: are the headers of the two emails identical? This would tell you if they are taking the same path.

Also, perhaps something weird is happening due to the user having the external email address entry in his 'contacts' and it matches what is in the name and address book (in other words, something weird with his contacts list)

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by Aaron_Wurthmann In reply to Duplicate E-mail - Exchan ...

Ack your right I forgot to mention that..
Yes the MessageIDs are different. (+1)

Hmmm Symantec is installed you may be on to something there. No external recipients, the Categorizer is exampanding the lists right and only once per message.

I you are on to somethig about it being client side antivirus. I'll look at it more soon as the timing is about right as well, we just switched over to Symantec.

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by curlergirl In reply to Duplicate E-mail - Exchan ...

Some other things to check:

1. Check the user's rules to make sure he doesn't have some odd rule that is putting a copy of his sent emails in his Inbox folder. I had this happen once with a user, and spent lots of time troubleshooting it I saw another email he'd sent in his Inbox. Then he said, "oh, yeah, I have a copy of all my sent items sent to my Inbox." Don't ask me why he would do this...

2. Make sure he is not somehow on the distribution list twice. If the distribution list, for example, includes another distribution list, he might be on both lists and therefore would get two copies of the email.

3. Make sure he does not have delegate access to one of the other email addresses that is on the distribution list. This would also cause him to get 2 copies of the email.

Hope this helps!

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by Morris.Cabrera In reply to Duplicate E-mail - Exchan ...

How big are your stores and do you frequently run online/offline defrags? I've had instances where my stores were very fragmented and started causing mail messages to duplicate sporadically until i ran an offline defrag (eseutil).

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Re: Duplicate E-mail - Exchange/Outlook 2003

by BobMaria In reply to Duplicate E-mail - Exchan ...

You can use below software for removing duplicate mails and contacts from your outlook mailbox. -

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by lh66 In reply to Duplicate E-mail - Exchan ...

Another software you can try to remove duplicate contacts is

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