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<Snapshot device="Device name" model="Model" version="1">

<node name="FOO">

<table name="Table1">

<column name="COL1">'+SYS'</column>
<column name="COL2">'1234'</column>
<column name="COL3">'+'</column>
<column name="COL4">0</column>
<column name="COL5">5</column>
<column name="COL6">50</column>
<column name="COL7">1</column>
<column name="COL8">1</column>
<column name="COL9">0</column>
<column name="COL10">0</column>
<column name="COL11">1</column>
<column name="COL12">0</column>
<column name="COL13">0</column>
<column name="COL14">1</column>
<column name="COL15">1</column>
<column name="COL16">0</column>
<column name="COL17">0</column>
<column name="COL18">0</column>
<column name="COL19">0</column>
<column name="COL20">1</column>
<column name="COL21">15</column>
<column name="COL22">1</column>
<column name="COL23">388</column>
<column name="COL24">2</column>

I have about 130K rows that I need to convert into a table.

I've tried Access, Excel and a few other applications to try to do a quick parse. XML is not my strong suit

I don't know how to turn this into a table that would be viewable. Any suggestions?

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