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Duplicate IPs Reported through switch port

By sam.pittman ·
I do not have much experience with switches but what I'm experiencing while running Etherpeek off a port on an edge Nortel (Bay Networks) switch doesn't seem proper. Etherpeek indicates that there are duplicate IP addresses in use and reports mac addresses that I'm pretty confident are configured properly. DHCP is not in use (so I'm told) and all of the clients are configured to use static IP addresses. Sometimes the conflicting devices are a client and one of the switches or a even the upstream root Passport switch. All devices and switches are configured in the same VLAN. There are a lot of CRC errors and when I sniff wireless traffic on the VLAN that routes through access points routed back to the same Passport switch, it also reports a bogus entry of a duplicate IP address with the one of the clients and the switch. What is potentially wrong? I don't have access to the switch configurations at the edge or the high level.

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