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    Duplicate mailbox in Exchange 2003


    by jrich ·

    I recently installed a new Exchange 2003 server on our domain. I have problems with 1 user. She initially reported not receiving any email – internally & externally. I have since discovered that she has 2 identically named mailboxes in ESM. At one point there ever was three. I cannot seem to delete 1 or both. I can reconnect 1 at a time to here AD user, but not both. I have even recconected each mailbox to separate dummy users I created in AD. I have removed exchange attributes to the user, as well as to each of the dummy users. I have completely removed her from AD. BUT… I cannot delete either of the mailboxes. when I purge I receive “An internal processing error has occurred” with ID no: c1041724. HELP!!!

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