Duplicate message item acting as one entity

By hatelyc ·
Hi, Have run across a problem not seen before. Looking for some help. Background: Outlook 2002 SP1, Exchange server 2003 6.5.7638, Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2. Problem: duplicate mail messages in the user's Exchange mailbox. It only happen for about 2 hours during the evening. The user had closed down the client (on a laptop) a couple of hours before. Each of the duplicates have been internet based mail from various domains. When either of the entries are selected, the other is highlighted as well. Both become marked as read. If one is deleted, the other one is gone as well. Using Outlook to search for duplicates reveals no duplicates. Any suggestions? Have thought about moving the message(s) to a PST to see if it move both entities or just one.

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Check the RULES.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Duplicate message item ac ...

If this isn't happening on every email received, check the RULES. You'll probably find one that is duplicating emails instead of moving them.

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No Rules

by hatelyc In reply to Check the RULES.......

Thanks for the thought.
No rules on the client or the server. It happened with every email received during the 2 hour time frame. All mail outside the time frame have behaved normally. Sync's between the server and the client happened around 6pm 1.5 hours before the problem time and again 8 am next morning. During the time between sync's, approx 17 mail message came in. Only 5 have been duplicated.

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Ewwwww! Random Critters!

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to No Rules

I hate that kind. They're nearly impossible to track down.

Does this happen each night, or was it a one-time only occurrence?

If this was a one-time only thing, I would have to assume there was a hiccup in the server when those specific emails came in.

If nightly, what happens if you leave the computer running and connected to the mail server?

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Very Ewwww

by hatelyc In reply to Ewwwww! Random Critters!

Only happened once to one user. I had originally figured just another MS b-glitch, but thought if it happens again.... Be a boy scout and be prepared.

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