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duplicate names exist in the network

By ilkoiv ·
from not so long ago I often receive while i start my home PC windows system error message "duplicate names exist in the network"...
Wish to know is that possible someone else to get access to my own computer without my permission?!or perhaps the problem may occur a local network duplicate names(between me and some other customer(s)by one and the same time we are switch on)....?Hope to get full and more detailed information-like could be some possible kind of virus or scam thread....I saw some old time comments here fro other customers with such a problem experienced but it's not enough in detailed way...hope to get more advices how to fix the problem.Actually it doesn't prevent my computer to work properly until now but is very annoying at least...
Thanks in advance!ILKO.

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Could be a Virus

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to duplicate names exist in ...

Fist check the link provided by OldER Mycroft, and if you are sure there is no computer has the same name in your network, then you can check this Virus removal tool.

Some viruses generate fake system alert, to mislead non-expert users to download and buy fake application.

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how to fix this error

by technocrat25 In reply to duplicate names exist in ...

he "Duplicate name exists" error indicates the (NetBIOS) name of the Windows computer conflicts with some other name on the network. Most commonly, this happens when another Windows computer on the local network uses the same name. This error can also occur when one of the connected Windows workgroups has the same name as the computer.

"Duplicate name exists" errors prevent a Windows computer from joining the network. The computer will start up and function in an offline mode only. To resolve this error, simply change the name of the computer to one that is not used by other local computers (or Windows workgroups), then reboot.

Note that a network administrator should also verify the Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) is up to date. In rare instances, "Duplicate name exists" is a false error reported when old information is stored in the WINS database.

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This answer was STOLEN by technocrat25 ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to how to fix this error


So urgent is the need to steal answers, technocrat25 didn't notice I'd already posted the same link (AS A LINK!) as the first response to the OP question!

That's just pathetic.

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