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Dutch man fined for 9 billion spam

By DanLM ·

OPTA said it considered several factors, including the sheer volume of the messages, saying the 9 billion was a "minimum" estimate.

This guy was only fined 97,000? Ummmm, how much damage was caused to infected machines he used to spew his spam???
Another aggravating factor was that this person used hundreds of so-called proxies," OPTA said. That's a common spamming technique in which computers of unsuspecting users are commandeered, often using viruses or other malicious software, to conceal the messages' true origins, making them more likely to slip by anti-spam filters.

yea, we finally got one. booo, he was only fined 97,000.... Bloody should have add 3 zero's to that, and then given him 5 years in jail. Christ


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Reasonable sentence would be

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Dutch man fined for 9 bil ...

a day per spam, , a year per proxy and then another five on top for being a c**t.
97k, bet the t**t earned more than that for doing it.

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well, 97,000

by Jaqui In reply to Dutch man fined for 9 bil ...

paper cuts, with salt rubbed into them is a start.
then 97,000 strokes with a cat of nine tails.
[ with the metal slivers for removing skin ]
then 97,000 hits with a baseball bat from each person he spammed.

and, if he survives all that, 97,000 years in prison ... working on a chain gang for min wage, to pay each recipient of a spam email $97,000 Euros.

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