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    dv2000 boot trouble


    by rosalitac ·

    I have a hp dv2412ca laptop with an intermittent problem: sometimes when I try to restart it from Windows it just hangs there without post or anything and the screen stays blank; all the leds are on except the hd’s; I then turns it off and wait a few minutes before I boot it up again and usually it works fine after that.
    Also last week I had another problem that I think I took care off: a BSOD right after boot with a fatal system error c000021a. I managed to reinstall Windows Vista (it took me 2 days!) and I didn’t get the error back since.
    After that I also unplugged the bios battery, did a hard reset, checked the ram, ran chkdsk (it got stuck several times during the first step at 2% and 5%, then I ran it using TuneUp Utilities and it went fine), loaded the default settings in the bios.
    Now I don’t know what could be the cause of all this: a fried hd, faulty mobo (I read something about a problem with the video chip and the soldering…) or something else. Please help me figure this out before I lose it 😉 thx

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      by rosalitac ·

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      Well if I am reading your description as you mean it

      by oh smeg ·

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      The system is not restarting when you tell Vista to Restart. This is most likely not a Issue with the Hardware but a Issue with the Vista OS not completing the Shut Down Process completely.

      If it starts from a Cold Boot the Hardware is OK but if you want to check it you can use the Ultimate Boot CD available free here

      Quite possibly after you allowed Vista to Rebuild itself you introduced several problems into the System that the Hardware is incapable of dealing with. The only real solution here is to Wipe the HDD and reload Vista from Scratch. The actual time spent to reinstall Vista should only be about 1 Hour or there abouts but you can spend weeks reinstalling other Software and applying any OS and other Software Updates & Service Packs.

      You’ll of course need the Recovery Set that should have been prompted to make when you first started your New computer or a Recovery Set supplied by HP at a negligible price before you even attempt to wipe the HDD. If you just rush in you’ll be deleting the Recovery partition on the HDD with any of the Wiping Utilities like Kill Disc

      So you need something to reload the system with. 😉


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        thanx for the reply but

        by rosalitac ·

        In reply to Well if I am reading your description as you mean it

        I used to have the boot problem when I turned the comp on. Sometimes I got the error message, other times I got Windows without trouble, and other times nothing at all! Since reinstalling Windows I only had the error message once or twice and a few times the laptop wouldn’t boot when turned on but usually it does.
        I didn’t wipe the hd before reinstalling so I’ll try that today

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