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By harleyangel1955 ·
All of a sudden my DVD burner quite working. I updated the firmware and have all the latest updates for Windows XP SP2, as well as my burning software. My computer says it is a DVD-RW until I put in a disk and then it lists it as a CD-Rom. I have no recordable tab under properties at all. My burner software sometimes even says there is no disk in the drive. It is called a 16X8DVD Dual in computer management using a generic Microsoft driver. No Driver disk came with the burner either. There also is none on the makers web site which is Rosewill. When I insert a disk a window pops up asking if I want to use such and such program to burn a CD not a DVD. Any ideas.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to DVD Burner

Sounds very much like the wrong Firmware can you roll it back to an earlier version of the Firmware?

Sometimes that Firmware listed on Web Sites is for the wrong model and while you can install it it prevents the unit from working correctly.

Or did you update the firmware in an attempt to fix an existing problem and it has had no effect?

If it is the latter it sounds very much like there is a fault in the DVD part of the Burner and it will not recognize the DVD disks it will only read them as CD and allocate 700 MB instead of the 4.7 GIG.

I would also try some different DVDs as well as there was a batch that did cause problems and a lot didn't work properly so if it can read a DVD the first option would be to obtain some new media and try again. Of course if it can not read a Manufactured DVD and the unit is no longer Under Guarantee I think you'll be up for a new burner but that only applies if you updated the firmware in an attempt to cure a problem with the unit recognizing DVDs.


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by willcomp In reply to DVD Burner

No additional drivers are required. Drivers are provided by Windows and burning software.

Have you changed, modified, or added CD/DVD burning software? If so that may be the cause.

Are those DVDs that are are being read as CDs?

Recordable setting may not be available in Device Manager if there is another burner installed.

In situations like yours, it can be difficult to separate hardware problems from sotware problems since drivers and burning software are so intertwined.


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by Absolutely In reply to DVD Burner

Windows XP includes support for burning CDs but not DVDs. It is hard to tell, but from your message it appears that you have an OEM drive without any disc authoring software included. When you install DVD burning software, I predict that your drive will recognize writable DVD media as you expect.

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