DVD Burner Issues

By lindsay.m.williams ·
I just got a Lite-on (Dh2a4p) DVD-Burner. It worked for a minute, then when I restarted its only showing up as a CD drive. I got it from newegg so it didn't come with any software.. and that model number isn't even listed on the lite-on website. I'm thinking I need a new driver.. But any suggestions? Thx.

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Try this link....

by OldER Mycroft In reply to DVD Burner Issues

I agree with you, trying to find a driver for 'Dh2a4p' will be difficult.

Download VSO-Inspector from this link:

Run it and it'll tell you exactly what hardware your drive is, and which build the firmware is at present.

You'll then have a better chance of finding the correct driver.

Good luck.

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No Additional Drivers Required

by willcomp In reply to DVD Burner Issues

No additional drivers are needed for basic CD/DVD reading -- they are intrinsic to Windows. Burning is another matter depending on Windows version.

What version of Windows and exactly what isn't working?

Have you installed CD/DVD burning software? That's where additional drivers are installed.

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