dvd burner problem

By N_Delorme_04 ·
hi there just wanted to come on here and wonder how to get my dvd burner working again it was working before when i bought it and now it just does not seem to want to work any more for me so i do not know what i am to do with it, it just reads CDR's and yah well no dvd's no more and well i am upset and do not know what to fo with it cause it seems like just a waste of money when i just had it for not too long it is a LG GSA-H54N DVDRAM, so if anyone has a solution then it would be very much appreciated and yah i tried everything too for it uninstall and reinstall check the cables by opening the casing and there just does not seem to be any firmware for this particular drive as well so i am at a loss for ideas now so if anyone could get back to me on this and just to say now thanx in advance.

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I'll have a lash at attempting to answer your question

by OH Smeg In reply to dvd burner problem

A CD uses a Different Wavelength Laser Beam to a DVD, so if the unit reads CD's but not DVDs the most likely thing is that the DVD Laser is no longer working.

But there are other possibilities the above only applies on Manufactured Media if you can no longer read Recorded DVDs that you made the same apples but if you are unable to read recorded DVDs that you got elsewhere then the most likely thing is that the DVD Blank Media is incompatible with your Reader.

Now LG DVD Burners have some known issues and if this is very new return it for a Warranty Claim the shops typically give a 12 month warranty with these drives. If the drive is over 12 months old you need to look at LG's site to see if they offer a better warranty and then make a claim directly on the Country Distributer if it is still UG.

If it is no longer Under Guarantee you need to buy a new one and DVD Burners have got considerably cheaper than they where a few years ago so they are no where near as expensive as they once used to be.

However if you leave a Disc in the drive a lot of the time while the computer is running it will drastically shorten the life of the drive so you need to remember that you only place a Disc in the Drive when you want to use it. The Drive isn't a suitable place to store Disc's.


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by N_Delorme_04 In reply to I'll have a lash at attem ...

yah you know what that is what i was thinking too with it so yah well i will check on the lg website and well if there is a warrenty then yah well i do not have the reciept for it either i do not know what i done with it but if anything then yah well i will just buy a different one so i thank you for you suggestions and have a great day.

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Your Welcome

by OH Smeg In reply to thnx

Glad that I could be of some assistance.


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