DVD burner problems

By Blue14 ·
Hey my name is Timothy
I've just encountered a problem with a DVD burner (SATA)that i just can't figure out

A friend of mine installed a new DVD burner- and he can only get it to burn to 5% before everything stops and there's an error report
This is the third burner he installed and all with the same result.The other two were IDE

I checked the cabling, reinstalled it a few times,reinstalled the driver but nothing helped

I'm assuming that there's a conflict causing the error but i can't seem to find where it is
The DVD burner works fine on any other PC

The drive works perfectly otherwise but just will not burn a thing

CPU:Pentium dual core 1.7GHz
Mem:768 Mb

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Some hints

by The Scummy One In reply to DVD burner problems

it may not be the drive, it may be the SW being used. What DVD burning SW are you using?

Also, you should be able to tell it to burn at a slower speed. This should reduce errors (but takes more time).

Also, in the SW, are the tests being run? There should be some drive tests to run for the SW to work better with the drive(s).

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Some hints

by Blue14 In reply to Some hints

The software being used now is Nero6
I had Nero 7 before and removed it to install Nero 6, thinking indeed that it could be the software
But even with DVD creator, the problem is the same

I haven't tried burning at a lower speed
but have selected that the drive automatically select the speed necessary

I tried all the drive test in Nero.All with good result

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What state is the hard drive in ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to DVD burner problems

Whatever this system is attempting to burn, it firstly has to create a contiguous temporary image on the hard drive to ensure continuity of data feed to the burner.

Check the fragmentation of the hard drive.

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What state is the hard drive in

by Blue14 In reply to What state is the hard dr ...

I checked the hard drive fragmentation and it's ok with no bad sectors

The imagefile gets create fine and buffer goes up to 100%
It's as soon as the process of actually burning unto disk that gives the error

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That sounds like a media quality problem ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to What state is the hard dr ...

If the burn only fails as soon as the laser hits the blank disc, you may be using suspect blanks.

Try burning with a different (better) make of blank DVD.

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couple of questions

by Sue T In reply to DVD burner problems

have you tried using a different DVD. what is the error message you are getting? Are you using the correct DVDs for that burner. there are different types of DVDs and not all drives can use all types.

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You might need to update the FIRMWARE on the drive in question...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to DVD burner problems

Go to the makers website and download the Firmware Update. You might need a floppy for this, but sometimes it will just run straight off your computer. Please give us the make and model so that we can see the drive in question that is giving you the problem(s).

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