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DVD burner to TV

By frawser7917 ·
Is there anyway to connect a LG DVD burner to a TV? Is there any adaptor available which i could use to connect both?

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What would be the purpose of that ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to DVD burner to TV

I only ask because you took the time to emphasise the 'burner' capability of the LG DVD drive.

Ask yourself the question: "Why can I buy a DVD burner for less than I can buy a decent domestic DVD recorder?"

The answer is that the domestic DVD machine has lots more circuitry in it for coping with being powered by mains power, handling incoming television signals (together with throughput to the television, for interpreting the incoming television signals and capturing them onto recordable DVDs, for interpreting previously recorded DVDs and delivering the imagery forward to the television screen for watching, and for looking pretty sitting in a domestic environment in someone's lounge or bedroom.

A computer DVD drive has one blinking light and looks rather unappealing when it's not slotted into a computer's 5.25 inch drive bay. It also DOES NOT run directly off mains power, nor does it interpret video signals on its own (you'd need a television capture card to do that), nor can it record anything using in-built circuitry as it relies on computer software installed in the 'mothership' that is your PC.

It could, however, deliver a steady watchable DVD-television image direct to the screen, but not without a suitable power supply.

You would also require to outsource some sort of adaptor to plug either an IDE cable into or a SATA cable into. That is one interface that I have never heard of, ever.

You would probably find that the total cost of all the bespoke items that were needed, plus a regulated 13.8V power supply and all the cabling associated with it, and the project box that you'd need to put all this gubbins in so you didn't electrocute yourself, would all add up to vastly more than it would cost to just go out and buy a domestic DVD player/recorder.

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by frawser7917 In reply to What would be the purpose ...

Thanks for ur reply...

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