DVD Burner TSST corp DVD+-RW TS-H553A

By donnamichelle1002 ·
The drive doesnt recognise blank DVD media corectly, it believes that its a CD RW. I cant understand this.

I have tried reinstalling the drivers. Uninstalling the drive then reinstalling. I have checked DMA and not PIO.

I checked the manufacturer web site of the drive and cannot even find the model number (I bought the PC Oct06) I have tried the DELL forums. Everyone recognises the problem but no one seems able to fix it or determine whats causing the problem.

I beg of anyone to help me please. Thanks.

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Firstly have you tried different Blank Media?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to DVD Burner TSST corp DVD+ ...

Of both + & - R or a RW Disc?

If that doesn't work and as the unit is under 12 months old return it to Dell for repair, just remember to backup all your data to something as Dell's first step with be to do a base install and then set about replacing any faulty components and they will be quite happy to wipe your data so you need to save it first.


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dvd burner tsst corp dvd+- rw ts-h553a

by sasuke0891 In reply to DVD Burner TSST corp DVD+ ...

Just wanted to post in here that after finishing up with a person at dell they found
out the problem with mine the drive itself
has quit working all together so they are replacing it not sure if that is the problem with yours but I felt I should mention it anyway

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I had one replaced under warranty - coz they're crap ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to DVD Burner TSST corp DVD+ ...

The TSST range are infamous, nay notorious, within the laptop market as being badly designed optical units purchased mainly for cost-saving exercises to keep overall production costs down, thereby maximizing profit.

My Acer has a TSST L-532A DVD-Dual (+/-RW) drive, and it just died after about 5 months. Acer replaced it under warranty.

Unfortunately the replacement died 8 months later - out of warranty!

They are generally well-known as being too small to effectively dissipate the heat that they generate.

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