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    dvd burning


    by topcat8 ·

    I have a Sony DRX510ul dvd burner and am using Pinnacle Studio 8, when I go to burn the dvd it gets about 2/3 of the way done and I get a burn error and I only get a majority of the movie. I am burning at 2x and now I am burning at 1x to stop the problem. At 1x I get the full movie, what can I do? I am now using Fujifilm DVD-R media that says it will burn up to 4x. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
    One other thing, what is the difference between wide screen and full screen dvds? I never know which one will give a better picture or does it matter? I have older TVs but soon will have to upgrade to a newer tv or monitor.

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      by carlos.nino ·

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      Check to see if you have the latest drivers for the DVD burner.
      Check to see how much free space you have left in your hard drive, and how fast is it (rpm). Also check how much memory you are using right before you start burning.
      I think the differences are: a movie in a wide screen dvd is like a movie theater projection, and a fullscreen dvd is the same but it’s sides have been “cut” to make it fit into a PCs screen resolution.

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      by wlbowers ·

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      Check Sony’s site for firmware upgrades to the drive.

      2. Disable screen savers, pda managers, antivirus, windows update manager. In other words anything that will steal the processor or slow the video information getting to the buffer.

      3. This also means keeping off of the computer while it is burning.

      4. I have found that a lot of media lies about their burn rate. This is usually in the noname brands though. You still could have gotten a bad run in the Fujifilm.

      Theater films are shot and displayed in an aspect ratio that is wider than it is tall. This ranges from 1.75:1 to the extremely wide 2.75:1.

      To display this full screen on a regular tv screen with out modification and to fill the screen, requires the image to the pulled in on the sides and stretched top and bottom.

      So to keep people from thing they have had to much Jack Daniels they cut the video from the sides to fit the tv screen.

      When you watch wide screen on a regular tv you will see all of the information and black bars on the top and bottom of the picture.

      Good Luck Lee

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