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    dvd burning


    by topcat8 ·

    I have a Sony DRX510ul dvd burner and I copied a vhs tape to my c: drive and it is an AVI file, but now I can’t get it to my burner. Then I tried to copy direct from my vcr to my burner and it worked, but all I got was video, no audio. when I preview before burning I have both audio and video; I am using the boxed software that came with the Sony and Pinnacle Linx w/studio version 7 to transfer and burn. I am new to this so I hope it is something stupid I am not doing, can anyone help?

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      by saihib ·

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      Let me see if I’ve got this. You’re using Studio 7 to do the capture of the VHS tape. I know that a 2 hour tape creates about a 20 gig AVI file. What software are you using to do the DVD authoring. Before the DVD can be authored (by that I mean creating the .ifo, .bup, and .vob files) that AVI has to be converted to mpg2 format and then imported into your authoring program. I used to use Studio 7 but have gone to Studio 8 because it will do all of those steps for you.

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