DVD Burning Problem

By machobbs ·
Whenever I try to burn a DVD,I get a "Please insert a blank DVD-R/RW" message.This occurs no matter the burn suite I use( I use Nero 6.6 or DVD Santa)or the drive I try to burn on.The system drive is an HP 840b Lightscribe burner and I also have a Sony DW-Q28A connected via external USB. My system is an HP m7250n Media Center PC,2.8GHz Pentium D,Seagate 750GB Barracuda 7200.10 series Hard Drive,4GB DDR-2 RAM,ATI Radeon x300se 128mb graphics card.Ialso have to mention that I have anothe r HP Media Center PC,the model m7360n which is the model that replaced the m7250n.The m7360n has the exact same hardware installed as the m7250n with two small exceptions:the graphic card is a nVidia GeForce 6200SE and the external DVD burner is a Sony DW-Q30A.the Nero suite and DVD Santa work fine on the m7360n PC.What Is Goin' on?!?!? Please,HELP!!!-Thanks,"Mac"

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A few thoughts occur

by Deadly Ernest In reply to DVD Burning Problem

I'm going through this as the normal check list, so please don't get upset.

1. Is the device you are using actually a burner and is it plugged in properly. Sometimes when the data ribbon cable comes a bit loose or is damaged, the correct signals aren't getting through. Can also happen if the device is on the wrong type of cable.

2. Check the disc in the burner for some seconds before you get the message?

3. Check the burner software is pointing at the burner you are using. If it points to the wrong device it will never find the disc.

4. Check the disc is blank and never been used at all - not even a bad burn.

5. Check the disc is the type to match the burning you want. Sometimes if you have a CD in when you want a DVD the some software will give the same no disc message.

6. Probably need to either reload the software or get a new burner.

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Also do you have the right Format DVD Blank

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to A few thoughts occur

Many of these DVD Burners can only use one type like DVD -R or DVD +R.

If you are trying to use a +R in a -R Drive it will never work.

Also if you leave DVD Disc's in the drive the LED that generates the laser to Burn & Read the Disc's Will wear out/loose intensity and may also give the same signal as it can not correctly identify the Disc that is inserted.

There is a possibility that the Actual DVD Blanks are not suited to the DVD Drive as well. Look at the Data Face of the Disc and there are different colors of Dye. If you have the wrong Dye Type the LED that Reads/Writes these disc's can not correctly interface with the Blank and this will give exactly the same message.


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Try re-loading the firmware

by DadsPad In reply to DVD Burning Problem

go to website and see if you can flash latest firmware to HP 840b drive. Another possibility is your (burner) software sometimes need to have the latest drive information reloaded (this tells the software which burners it can recognize).

One other possibility is to use a CD/DVD drive cleaner. They are inexpensive available most places.

Good luck!

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to verify basic operation

by computechdan In reply to DVD Burning Problem

have u tried burning a cd ?

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