DVD/CD-ROM issue - help would be appreciated

By serialies_nine_ ·
im running vista + im using a laptop

well i was installing nero 7, but then suddenly the installation stops and tells me to insert the disk, so i take the disk out, put it back in, still doesnt read.

so i cancel the installation and open up the disk drive again, but when i did that it starts making the "dont open the disk drive stuff is running" noise (which is actually quite loud) so i try to close the slot, but it just pops right back out, continuing to make the noise.

i restart my computer, i think "alright all fixed" pop open my drive, it starts going crazy again

i right click on the drive icon, go to eject, does nothing, suddenly a window pops up saying that the drive is in the middle of something, and that opening it can cause it to fail what its doing, but in the end no matter what i did it wouldnt stop with the noise (or re-ejecting itself)

so i disable the drive then restart, try opening the disk drive again, keeps going crazy.

restart one more time (btw these are the normal restart, as in start menu -> restart, not powerbutton restart)

and now im here, in need of enlightenment, the device is still on "disabled" =/

help would be much appreciated

EDIT: i attempted a system restore, did nothing

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by TheChas In reply to DVD/CD-ROM issue - help w ...

Looking at the Nero web site, I'm not sure that I myself would install Nero 7 on a Vista system. The fact that Nero 7 requires some DirectX 9 files would make me nervous. Even more so if you have SP1 installed.

That said, I would start here from the FAQ page at Nero:

"It's likely that installation problems are caused by a previous version which is or was installed on your system. If you are experiencing any download problems please download the Nero Cleantool from our website and use it for removing all Nero files from your computer. After that proceed to install the latest available update for your Nero version.

If you will still experience problems please contact our technical support and provide the following information:
? Send a screenshot which shows the exact error message you get.
? Send the installation log files by using our GetSupportFiles tool.

Download the tool GetSupportFiles and perform the following steps:

Extract the zipped file on your hard drive using WinZip or WinRAR. Start the tool by double-clicking on the EXE-file. Once the tool ran successfully, you will find a file called "" on your desktop. Please attach the file "" to your e-mail.

The following information will be collected in the
Nero Infotool, Nero log files (including installer log files), Nero Registry Keys, MSInfo, DXDiag"

The link is:

After you send off the support file and / or clear Nero 7 off of your system, you need to reinstall the chip-set driver for your system.

Start by going into Device manager and removing not just the DVD drive, but the IDE or SATA storage controller that the drive is connected to.

Upon re-starting, Windows may get everything cleared up on it's own.

The next step would be to download the latest driver for the chip-set from either the laptop manufacture, or from the chip-set manufacture.

Installing the updated driver should fix things.


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thanks for replying

by serialies_nine_ In reply to Driver

thanks for the reply, appreciate the help
but just to be safe
i go to device manager look at "IDI ATA/ATAPI controllers"
inside are four devices, two named "IDE channel" one named "Intel(R) 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller" and another named "Intel(R) ICH8M Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 2850"

do i disable (or uninstall if nessecary) all of them?

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Remove or Uninstall

by TheChas In reply to thanks for replying :D

Don't use the disable option, or all child devices will not work.

Is your DVD drive IDE (40 pin connector) or SATA?

If it is IDE, then the Ultra ATA Storage controller is the one to remove.

If it is a SATA drive, then you need to remove the SATA AHCI controller.

Upon reboot, Windows should find all the correct drivers and have everything working properly.


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tried it but...

by serialies_nine_ In reply to Remove or Uninstall

thanks for the advice, i tried all that to the letter...however the DVD/CD-Rom is still making the "dont press eject im doing something" noise, and all the same problems pop up

could it be that i somehow broke the DVD/CD-Rom during the installation? or is something like this a software problem.

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Sounds Like a Drive Problem

by TheChas In reply to tried it but...

Yes, with all that has been tried, it does sound like a hardware problem with the drive.

Give one more thing a try. Boot to a DOS prompt, from a floppy, or even enter BIOS setup. Or, just disconnect the data cable from the drive.

Press the button on the front and see if the drive opens.

If the tray opens, put in an audio CD and see if it plays.

If the door does not open, or an audio CD does not play, then the drive has a hardware problem.

I would speculate that at least 25% of the new drives I have purchased over the last few years have failed. Some on the first use.

I'm now limiting myself to the name brand drives and spending the extra money for them.


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by serialies_nine_ In reply to Sounds Like a Drive Probl ...

thanks for all the help, tried what you did, didnt play the music and kept making that retarded noise...

so i guess its broken
good thing i still have a warranty on it

thanks for all the help again.

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