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dvd-cd won't read cds

By mjp5108-50318218 ·
What initially happened is that my power supply went bad and I had to have it replaced. Unfortunately, I left a cd in the drive and manually removed it. Apparently this caused the cd tray to go off its track.
Now the cd physically works, the tray will slide in and out. But when I put a cd in the drive, the light comes on only momentarily and nothing else happens. It doesn't sound like it is spinning or anything.
When I look at the drive's properties the system
says the device is working properly. When I access the drive in My Computer, with a cd in, the drive says to please insert a disk into the drive. It doesn't say it is inacessable but it doesn't recognize the cd.
What I'm going to try and do is try the drive in my older computer to see if it does any good. If that doesn't work maybe getting a cd lens cleaning kit although if the cd isn't spinning I don't know if that will do any good. The only other thing I can think of is there is some type of voltage problem with the drive.
If anyone can think of anything beside this to try let me know.

The drive is a NEC dvd/cd rom.

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