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    DVD/CDRW combo can’t read many CDs


    by turkitech76 ·

    I have a laptop with a DVD/CDRW combo, facing a problem with reading many original CDs of mine. Is that to do with DVD region?any recommended settings for the device?

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      DVD/CDRW combo can’t read many CDs

      by thechas ·

      In reply to DVD/CDRW combo can’t read many CDs

      Are these commercial CDs, CD-R disks, or CD-RW disks?

      If the problem is with all types of CD media, then I would suspect that the laser is dirty, or the drive is not properly aligned.

      If you are running W9X, you may need to update the system drivers for the laptop.

      If you are running Windows XP, you may need service pack 1, or some Windows updates.

      I also suspect that DVD drives are more sensitive to scratches on CDs than CD drives are.

      On my desktop, I cannot use my DVD drive asa source drive for CD copying.
      Yet, it works fine for reading CDs.

      As to the region setting, that is strictly for DVD movie playback.
      For some reason, the movie industry decided to create marketing regions for DVD media.
      The region code simplyprohibits you from playing a DVD movie that is coded for a different region of the world.


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